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Recupero line

This refurbishing and extension has been made in the vicinity of an intersection of one of the main access roads to the city of Udine.
The existing property has been raised by a storey. Moreover, on the northern side of the building a stairwell / elevator has been joined together with an additional building volume with three rooms on three levels.
The curved coverage that characterizes the attic floor and runs over the whole building works as a regulatory element to the entire complex  .
The facade facing the main street is sober, and is simply marked by a vertical glass wall corresponding to the stairwell and the main entrance.
In contrast, the opposite side to the west is more open, with spacious balconies and private gardens.
The south face, which overlooks the road junction, is rather compact, with few openings. The only element that characterizes it is the curved wall which follows the course of existing roads. The north facade, usually windswept during the cold winter, is blind.
The cover has been made of copper, a material that lends itself well to the curved shape of the roof. Further regulatory element of the hedge is the horizontal projection which closes the facade facing the main road.

Casa B

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