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Recupero line


The original building consisted in a main body on the ground floor on two levels used as a reception and meeting rooms open to the public and the caretaker residence on the first floor. The remainder was constituted by a structure in concrete or in industrial metal. Part of this structure was used as offices.

On the facade object of restyling there was also a main entrance, and the overlooking onto it was meant for loading and unloading, parking area and handling of goods. In order to meet the needs arising from the company logistics, the project involved the modification of the meeting rooms and the construction of a new entrance hall for the public relation offices  and other offices. In particular, in the building overlooking Via Padova, the internal partitions have been modified to reallocate space and introduce an emergency exit in the middle of the existing corridor.  The hall is characterized by a wall for products display and by a waiting area. The entrance consists in an entrance booth, which characterizes it also from outside.

With regard to external changes, it was decided to underline the entrance hall with a glass portal and a cantilever roof. The facade of the building nearest to the road reflects the internal functions: on the ground floor, the meeting rooms with large windows, while on the first floor, the residence disguised as a sunshade over its entire length.

On the roof a new overhanging of the eaves has been developed  in continuity with the sides of the building diagonally.

The body of the rearmost building, intended for operating offices, is characterized by ribbon windows ending in a coating that masks the entrance to the manufacturing area.

The external improvements  have redefined the visitors parking areas and the access areas, for the  loading and unloading of goods.

Air conditioning, data transmission, burgler alarm and sprinkler systems have also been completely remade.

From a compositional point of view, each part of the building, according to their specific use, has been characterized in a different way and with a different hierarchy, in order to allow the visitor the perception of the importance of each individual building and help them identify the access paths to the structure.

The materials used have been inspired by the company’s line of products and balanced  by the insertion of green plantings and decorative trees.

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