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Casa M, Udine 2009

The property subject of intervention, in a historic town nearby Udine, is located inside a courtyard resulting from the combination of several buildings linked by the presence of a waterfall, which has allowed the creation of a factory .
The court is accessed from the street through a gate.
The complex consists of some buildings in a simple shape with a  rectangular plan.
The main body of the mill and the building to the south-east within the courtyard (the object of refurbishment ) were in an industrial style, while the building to the southwest was meant for agricultural purposes and was covered with a gable roof.
The other buildings, which underwent refurbishment several times, have lost their original shape.
Through an analysis of the development of the various buildings it was possible to highlight a typically rural aggregation, where a building, a courtyard and a boundary wall may become the basic elements for the development of  a building complex.

In particular, the boundary wall to the south played a fundamental role in generating  the buildings involved in the project.
In the premises subject of intervention two buildings can be identified: the one to the west, which had been designed for a mainly rural use and the one to the east in a more industrial style (the Company headquarters).
While the function of the building towards the courtyard was basically recognizable, the reading of the complex from the southern  perspective and the garden was confused by a number of subsequent smaller edifices and  a scatter dash that made it almost impossible to identify  the original materials.  Moreover, the  body of the building to the east did not present a regular partition of the openings, differently from the courtyard prospect.

The design approach has taken into account the areas overlooking each building.
The facade of the building to the east towards the courtyard  has been restored,  maintaining  partitions and finishes of the existing building,  consistently with its current functions.

The body to the west has been functionally redefined  and expanded in height, while maintaining the typological characteristics related to rural buildings.
To the south, the wall has been enhanced throughout its length by cleaning the stone elements, with the only interruption in correspondence to the plaster coat of the building to the east.
In order to allow the proper proportion between the garden and the residential area, the wall was interrupted at the level of  the living room and the corresponding double bedroom on the first floor.
Inside the building there are three residential units of different sizes: in the building to the east a two-room apartment and a three-room apartment, and to the west a single larger housing unit.

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