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Opere Pubbliche line

The "Cycle Routes Network Plan” in the Municipality of Udine identifies the itinerary along Viale Leonardo da Vinci as a privileged access to the city centre from the outskirts.
The area under study is characterized by services for public use, urban and extra-urban facilities of considerable size, which in some cases ill-relate with the neighbourhood (Urban Cemetery, civil hospital, private and public headquarters, barracks etc.). Other services, however, are consistent with their intended use and are already accessible through cycle routes (school areas, green spaces, sports areas, etc.).
The characteristic element of this district is the Cormôr Park, which stretches along the bed of the river of the same name, and features many cycling or walking tours. This area has, however, a point of discontinuity located next to the barracks and along the nearby motorway.
With regard to motor vehicular traffic, there are in the area several busy roads for the access to the city.

Within the area covered by the study, there are some traits of cycle lanes, and others to be realized soon. Moreover the area is affected by some implementation plans including: public housing plans (PEEP), sporting areas, Urban Park and school areas.
In addition to the implementation plans related to urban and extra-urban parks, only the public housing area provides a comprehensive system of bike routes.
The presence of some private local plans involving the sale of land for facilities and equipment, if properly exploited can prove extremely useful for the creation of cycle routes.

V.le Da Vinci, Udine

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