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Opere Pubbliche line

This project is an essential stage of the Urban Traffic Plan and realizes an important feature of the cycle lane network structure, being a part of the outer ring around the historical centre of the city.
It involves the construction of two separate one-way cycle tracks along the existing sidewalks, separated from the vehicular lanes by proper traffic islands

The presence of the new theater, the local church and the new police headquarters had to take into account in the design and reorganization of the circulation.
The new organization of vehicular traffic has resulted in the elimination of the existing crossroads, forcing a right turn and subsequent reversal. 

The new cross-section of each of the two opposing lanes consists of: sidewalk, cycle lane, median strip, two lanes, one lane for parking and tree-lined central flower beds, while for the last stretch of the street it was necessary to place the seat of the cycle lane in the central island, creating a pedestrian and cycle track.
The space needed for the cycle lanes and the separation beds was obtained by reducing both the sidewalks and the traffic lanes of vehicles.
The crossing of the avenues has been limited at intersections with traffic lights, with paths alongside the pedestrian crossing, designed to form a circulation loop inside the intersection. In other parts of the boulevard, the permitted crossings are solely pedestrian ones.
The reversals have been facilitated by means of pre-selection lanes obtained as a continuation of parking lanes.

The project has also led to a rationalization of the distribution of bus stops.
The tree-lined central flowerbed has been maintained in its function of separation between the two travelling directions of the avenue. Its value as "lifesaver" has also been highlighted with the confirmation of the parking and the creation of paved pedestrian lanes within.

V.le Trieste, Udine

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