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Residenziale line



The area under intervention is located on one of the hills overlooking Trieste and its harbour. The building is at the center of the lot and has a symmetrical three-level plan with a central stairwell and two private units per floor on each side. The living area with living room, kitchen and veranda is located to the south. 

The whole southern glazed frontage of the city and the old hourbour and lead to a large balcony. The north front, overlooking the highway, is characterized by the sleeping area and the services of the housing units. It looks austere and linear with windows placed on a regular basis on the facade, with the exception of the large windowed wall of the stairwell that arises as a central element in the whole front, not only in format but also functional terms, making the 'entry of' the bulding and the access to the apartments. The entrance from the public road is ensured by pedestrian bridge that connects the stairway to a porch, which protects the visitors from the wheather. The building thus achieved combines two different language codes in the composition of the facades: the one towards the city and the sea is characterized by a kind of trasparency, while the other, towards the highway to the north, looks more compact. Another charaterict feature of the property is the L-shaped wall to the north of the building, which stretches for about 1.50 m on the east and west wings of the main building, and continues with the protruding flat roof. This inverted "L" shelter various storeys design for resident characterized materials such as glass, aluminium and curtains walls with Santafiora natural stone. Above the "L" structure, a stell cover was carried out, in sharp contrast with the lower part of the building.


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