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The project covers the entire area subject to a development plan.
The area was previously allocated to orchard and vineyard, and was characterized by accentuated  unevenness especially to the south.
The morphology of the area has determined the residential settlement.
The access to the site has been secured from both the lower and the upper part by major road works that also allowed the creation of car parks.
With regard to the design of the buildings, on the ground there are two main bodies: the first (a single unit) in the lower part, the second (three units) in the upper part of the lot.
The location of the green areas and the splitting up of the housing units develops a rhythmic sequence and volume which follows the morphology of the land.
The buildings are distributed so as to adapt to the natural slope of the ground and to expose the living areas to the south.

From the point of view of the distribution, on the ground floor the apartments have an entrance area with dining/ living room, a kitchen, a hallway leading to the bedrooms area, two bathrooms and a bedroom. On the attic  there are three bedrooms and a bathroom. The basement is meant to be used as warehouse, central heating, laundry and garage.
The buildings are characterized by a structure of reinforced concrete slabs and by properly insulated perimeter brick walls.
The access to the residential units is ensured, besides the stairs, by an inclined elevator. The introduction of the elevator has resulted in the creation of a band, approximately 2-metre wide, which dissects the slope near the border with other properties.
In order to minimize the visual impact of the elevator, the area of ​​arrival and departure has been buried in order to reduce the view of the machinery in waiting state.

Barcola, Trieste 

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