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The area subject of ​​intervention, which lies in the outskirts of the urban structure of Trieste, is formally and functionally connected through a walkway to the Barcola district.
The soil is characterized by a substantially constant  average gradient  around 6%.
The project involves the construction of two buildings: a main building consisting of 5 units and a neighboring one-roomed building, which is located further downstream.
The first building consists in two units at the beginning and the end, an apartment on the ground floor and two studios on the first floor with attic room above.
The plant of the building follows the morphology of the area, and is thus in an irregular crescent shape.  The southern front, facing the sea, is marked by a series of openings and windows, while the rear elevation, which overlooks a private property, is characterized by the presence of a few linear openings located towards the upper portion of each level.
The roof is made of copper, whose color will turn quickly into the typical oxide green. It has been designed so as to favor the southern front, presenting on this side a regular height. The front view, with its counterpoint of solids and voids, is directly related to air, land and sea, and is an outspoken reference to the lighthouse of Barcola. The lighthouse, in fact, bears the white colour of the main body, the glass of the light room and the green of the copper cover. The front has been divided into three parts by two vertical cuts that penetrate the flat surface of the façade and  correspond to the lift shaft.
They are combined with a sort of architrave formed by the continuous strip of ribbon windows of the attic.
This double row of elements frames a series of three almost symmetrical formal units: the block openings to full height (emphasized by the presence of terraces on the second level), the band of windows and then again the block-to-ceiling, which repeats the formal features of the first.
With regard to the small building located downstream, the principles are the same: a sea front view characterized by a system of full- height windows and a back front view that follows the same pattern of austere formality of the main building.


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