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Casa S, Tricesimo

The lot is located on a side of the hills that characterize the moraine landscape of Friuli. On the east side it overlooks the road, and on three other sides it  borders on several private properties.

The lot is divided into two areas: the first, to the north, constantly sloping from east to west towards the road and the second on a steep slope towards the private property to the south.

The project involves the construction of a building on two levels: the first, the basement, intended as a garage, cellar and storeroom, and the second, on the ground floor, for the lodgings.

The latter is divided into a living area with hall, bathroom, study, living and dining room, kitchen, guest room, and sleeping area, with four bedrooms for the children, a double bedroom and three bathrooms. On the outside  the building recalls the functions inside: the body of the building of the sleeping area is slightly higher and it has been treated with a ceramic finish.

The living area has a "C" structure open to the south towards the garden. While one side ends against the sleeping area, the opposite side projects towards the road.

The entrance consists of a long flight of stairs that leads the visitor to the porch.

The openings in the living room are fully glazed and characterized by bow-windows for the display of glass or ceramic objects.

The other openings on the ground floor are made of ribbon windows sheltered by a roof covered in concrete and plaster.

The position and orientation of the dwelling have been designed to allow the best exploitation possible of the solar radiation in the living area. Furthermore, the "L" plant of the building protects the porch from the prevailing winds.

The internal composition of the compartments is based on two axes: the first axis connects the entrance to the sleeping area, the second coincides with the corridor of the sleeping area.

These two axes connect all the different rooms of the house, passing through the "public" area consisting in the hall and living room to the progressively more private rooms.

The materials used have all warm shades in order to increase the attractiveness of a family environment.

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